An introduction for developers into basic Ethereum programming, and the opportunities presented by blockchain protocols.


The first course by the Blockchain Competence Center, giving participants a basic understanding of blockchain programming will be held on the 4 th of October. While the first course will only be held in Hungarian, English courses are also planned for the near future.  

Blockchain technology is among the most challenging, and also the most intriguing new developments in information technology, and is set to play an immense role in shaping our future. According to experts, its impact will be similar to that of the Internet: it will change the way we think about business, value, and participation. 

We recommend this course for developers who are curious about the opportunities presented by blockchain protocols, and the Ethereum ecosystem. The one-day course focuses on practice over theory, ensuring that by the end of the day, everyone will be able to create his own “Hello, World!” distributed application on the Ethereum blockchain.

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